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Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - full view - Life on Kaydeross Creek

Master Bedroom Closet Makeover on A Budget

Hey everyone! I’m soooo excited because today is the day we finally get to share our master bedroom closet makeover! We’ve been working on it slowly for a couple of months around other projects and, well, life.  It’s been 8 long years living with these pieced together racks so it’s time to get organized. I can’t say that I’m not embarrassed to be showing you this but here’s what needed to happen:


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover organization to do list - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Organizational to do list - Life on Kaydeross Creek

OUCH, holy cow, that hurt. So, here’s what we did to make the most of the space we have. I started by measuring out how many inches of clothes we each have (tops and bottoms) and then added a few inches to be on the safe side. For example, I needed about 60″ of hanging space for my shirts.

We also had stuff in there that does not need to be like heavy fleece jackets that can go downstairs in the mudroom closet. This was also an excellent opportunity to purge the stuff that we don’t wear anymore (let’s be honest, none of us are getting any smaller around here 🙂 ) Once I knew exactly how much space we needed for hanging stuff and folded stuff, I made a plan on paper.  It’s a bit crude, but it was definitely effective! Truth be told, I worked in retail for over 20 years so that may have had an impact on my design. 🙂


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Putting the plan on paper - Life on Kaydeross Creek


I also drew out plans for the other two corners of the closet but they are much more simple. My brother, Jamie, who is a builder, helped us get started and suggested we build  each section in a cubby or “box” and then attach them all together. We used birch plywood for the boxes, MDF for part of the base and pine for the rest of the trim.  The other thing he suggested was that we use a dado blade (a special blade for a circular saw) to make grooves in the plywood where the shelves would slide in and also connect the corners of the boxes more securely.  As the dado set spins, the two outside blades cut the dado walls (grooves) and the chippers remove the waste material in between and smooth the bottom of the dado (groove).

We wanted the boxes to be 20″ deep so we had someone at Home Depot cut the sheets of plywood that come in 48″ in half for us. That way they were easier to transport and to rip down (cut) at home to 20″. Then hubby measured and marked out where the grooves would need to be. One at the top to connect the pieces and one 12″ down for the top shelf.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Putting the plan on paper - Life on Kaydeross Creek - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Once the pieces were cut we started assembling the first box. You can see the notch at the top where the other piece will fit and be glued and nailed together.


Master Bedroom closet makeover - building the boxes - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Here’s the first box installed…


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Box assembled and placed - Life on Kaydeross Creek


We learned a lesson with this one because we built it downstairs and then had to carry it up. Um, not smart. We decided to build the other three boxes upstairs. Here is the storm before the calm. Holy cow, what a mess!


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - The storm before the calm - building the boxes in our room - Life on Kaydeross Creek


We added a few more shelves to two of the boxes and then started placing them in the closet. Hubby used 2×4’s to attached them to the floor which also provided a bit of a toe kick.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - installing the boxes - Life on Kaydeross Creek


When all of the boxes were placed, he screwed them all together and to the walls. We’re almost there with this master bedroom closet makeover!


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - boxes installed before trim - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Then he added a 1.5 inch pine trim to the front and crown molding to the top. Let’s just say I spent A LOT of time spackling all those nail holes and caulking the edges.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - built in cubbies with the trim added - Life on Kaydeross Creek


After it was primed and painted twice (I went through a gallon of paint just on the cubbies and trim and pretty much didn’t leave the closet for what seemed like days) it was time to put the bars in. We bought a long metal bar and then cut it to the size we needed for each hanging section and then I spray painted the pieces to match the cubbies. They were installed with little metal cups.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - side wall completed - Life on Kaydeross Creek


OK, so you can see the new light fixture in this picture. I really didn’t want to spend any more money on this project and I had this old fixture in the basement which I had used in my store. It’s the match to the one I used in my daughter’s room.  I just needed to remove the “crystals” and give it a good coat of spray paint.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - new light fixture -Life on Kaydeross Creek


The last thing to address was more storage for linens and a place for the laundry. To make the best use of this space, I decided to go up. We picked up this old TV armoire at the Salvation Army for $20 some time ago.  I planned on using it for storage somewhere and then the closet project came up. I love using these old pieces for storage and you can see one of my other armoire transformations HERE.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Armoire used for storage before - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The problem was it was too short. We didn’t need any more shelves so it would have been wasted space above it if we used it as is. Since we still needed a place for the laundry baskets we decided to build a base to put the armoire on top of. That way they are much more accessible on the bottom.


Master Bedroom Closet makeover - adding the base for the armoire - birch plywood - Life on Kaydeross Creek


We made it out of the same birch plywood and trimmed it out with the 1.5″ pine trim to match the cubbies.


Master Bedroom Closet makeover - the base for the armoire - Life on Kaydeross Creek


After giving the armoire a good sanding,  a couple of coats of paint and new glass knobs, here’s what it looks like all assembled.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - More storage using an old TV armoire - Life on Kaydeross Creek


I know, right?!? I think it’s my favorite part. 🙂

Here’s the other opposite side.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - Hangbars in for more storage and dresser - Life on Kaydeross Creek



Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - full view - Life on Kaydeross Creek


I. LOVE. IT! Here’s the best part. We spent less than $500.

The birch plywood, trim, paint and bars/cups cost about $400. We spent $20 on the armoire and I had the dresser that we put in the side cubbie. You can see that project HERE. We also had to purchase the dado blade set which I think was about $55.

I have to admit it was A TON more work than I thought it would be but it was worth it!  I still have to add hooks to the wall for my scarves and a rug but it’s so nice to walk in there and be able to actually find what I am looking for. Now let’s just hope we can keep it neat.


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover - closet organization with built in cabinets - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Master Bedroom Closet Makeover for under $500 - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Not sure you want to build something but still want organization. Here are my Amazon picks to make the most out of your space:

Thank you so much for spending some of your time with me today! Do you have major project or mini projects in the works? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy DIY’ing!





Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - DIY Laundry Sign

Laundry Room Organization For Under $100

Today I’m sharing our long overdue laundry room organization for, believe it or not, under $100! When we were building the house almost 10 years ago, a huge beautiful laundry room just wasn’t in the budget. It’s more of a laundry closet really. Regardless, I still spend quite a bit of my time in that space so why not have it be enjoyable, am I right? So after looking at a not-so-inspirational space for so long, it was time.


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Eeekk. So not only was it a bit dreary and boring but it was also not the best use of space. Here’s what we did to make it crazy functional and much more interesting. First things first, a new coat of paint.  I had this paint left over from a project we had done a few years ago. I think it’s called Embarcadero by Valspar.  It was just what the space needed to brighten it up. It looks a bit purple-y in this picture but it’s really like a cement block gray.


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek


To add a bit more personality and interest, I decided on stripes. I used a 4 foot level and a ruler to outline 8 inch stripes in pencil on the wall and then used painters tape to mark off the lines


Laundry Room Organization - Life on Kaydeross Creek - Adding personality with stripes


Truth be told, I ran out of painters tape and had to free hand some of the stripes. That is when a really good quality brush comes in handy 🙂  This shade of white is called Creamy White by Behr and it is the trim color you see throughout our house.

Here are the completed stripes. Crazy better, right?!


Laundry Room Organization Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek


So to make better use of the space we wanted to take advantage of the height and added more shelves. We used MDF which comes pre-cut in 12″ x 8′ boards from Home Depot. I think they are in the closet section. We’ve used MDF on prior projects like our Mudroom. Now, the thing about MDF is it bubbles when it gets really wet so I gave the boards a thick coat of primer and then 2 coats of the Creamy White paint just in case the laundry detergent leaks or something.

For the shelf brackets, I picked up these inexpensive white ones at Home Depot and spray painted them Oil Rubbed Bronze for some contrast.


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - Add Shelves to make better use of space


Here they are spray painted…


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - Adding the shelves


I also wanted to add a space to hang shirts straight from the dryer so I used an inexpensive wooden towel bar I picked up at Walmart mounted upside down on the top shelf. It was a bit too long at 18″ so we cut it down to fit the space and then I painted it to match the stripes/shelves.


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - DIY Hanging space using an inexpensive towel bar


The space would not be complete without a DIY sign so I made this cute little sign out of an old piece of wood and some stencils. I always write it out on paper before I paint so that I can make sure it will fit and the spacing is correct.


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - DIY Laundry Sign


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Paint and Creative DIY Project plus Farmhouse Touches - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Another key element of good laundry room organization is storage so I added some baskets for storing cleaning supplies. I threw in something pretty for a pop of color and with everything installed, here’s the final product…


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Life on Kaydeross Creek - DIY Laundry Sign


So much nicer to open the doors and see a bright cheery space when you have to do a chore. I thought about adding cute beverage dispensers with the little spout for the detergent but, honestly, I have read that they just get clogged and I really didn’t want to spend the money. Here is the breakdown of what this update cost:

  • (2) 8′ MDF boards – $22  (I already had the short one)
  • (6) metal shelf bracket $24
  • Wooden towel rack $10
  • Paint – Free – had it
  • DIY Laundry Sign – Free
  • Washboard – Free
  • Baskets – already had these but if you had to purchase them at Michaels you can get them at 50% off for like $10.
  • Glass jar with chalkboard label – had it but if you had to purchase it you could find it here.

So even if I had to buy the baskets, the entire project would have cost $76. What it really cost me was time. It took about 12 hours to complete but it was worth every minute. 🙂


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Paint and Creative DIY Project plus Farmhouse Touches - Life on Kaydeross Creek



Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Paint and Creative DIY Project plus Farmhouse Touches - Life on Kaydeross Creek



Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Paint and Creative DIY Project plus Farmhouse Touches - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100!


Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Using Paint and Creative DIY projects - Life on Kaydeross Creek



Laundry Room Organization for Under $100 - Paint, DIY Projects and Farmhouse Touches - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Do you have any room updates on a budget in your future? How do you save money on your projects?

Happy DIY’ing!


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Farmhouse Mudroom Organization - Life on Kaydeross Creek

Mudroom Organization – Farmhouse Style

I’m so excited to be finally share our completed Mudroom with you today! It’s been a long time coming for this mudroom organization project which we actually started in February. You can see the original build here but this is what it looked like when we started…YIKES.


Mudroom before renovation - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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No where to go but up, right? First things first, we needed more light so in goes the window. It was harder than we thought it would be but so worth it.


Adding much needed light to the mudroom with a new window - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Now for the organization. I wanted each of us to have our own space so we built cubbies.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek




For organizing our “stuff” I picked up some baskets to put on the shelves we planned on adding and crates to go on the bottom of the cubbies at Michaels. The baskets will, hopefully, make it easier to find hats/gloves etc. and the crates corral our shoes.  The crates were unfinished when I got them and I wanted them to be darker so I stained them with Minwax stain in Early American.


Mudroom organization using crates to corral shoes - Life on Laydeross Creek


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The bottom of each crate is a bit rough and I worried they may scratch the cubbie so I added self adhesive chair pads to the bottoms.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Now that the organization part is done, it’s time for the fun part. What’s a farmhouse mudroom without a few farmhouse touches?


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


I picked up the empty window frame in someones garbage. I’m not above dumpster (or side of the road) diving. The poultry farm sign is not a sign at all but was a pleasant surprise when we pulled out the bottom of an old dresser to replace it. The dried hydrangeas are from my neighbors yard and the shoe form is just fun.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


I am SO in love with this egg crate basket. It’s definitely not something you see everyday. We picked it up at the Warrensburg Garage sale back in October and it goes so well in our home. The cutting board someone gave me at different garage sale. It was broken and dirty but cleaned up nice. The pitcher I got at Marshalls years ago but you can find a similar one here. You can never have too many white pitchers. 🙂


Farmhouse Mudroom Organization - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The stain on the crates matches the baskets and the wood flooring we used for the background.  The larger spaces underneath the shelves that the baskets sit on are perfect for big school backpacks.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


The chalkboard on the right I picked up at a garage sale and the little gray stool underneath it is a previous project you can see here.  The EXIT arrow is from Hobby Lobby and while it’s not part of the mudroom organization, it’s quirky and unique and i love the personality it adds to the space.  The paisley rug is from Target.


Farmhouse Mudroom Organization and Decor - Life on Kaydeross Creek


It’s hard to see the sign above the doorway on the left but you can see it better in this picture above. It’s actually the side of an old crate.


Farmhouse Mudroom - DIY Projects and Garage Sale Finds - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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I LOVE the way everything turned out! I think it will help us stay organized as long as I can get everyone to put their stuff where it goes. One can only hope.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and letting me share my final mudroom organization project!

Happy DIY’ing!


Mudroom Update Part 1

Hind site is 20/20, right? Of course it is! When we were designing our house I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter and working full time, trying to get our old house ready to put it on the market. (i.e. a little busy) During some key moments I may or may not have said yes to something on the plans that I may or may not have really thought through, so there are a few things that I would go back and change if there were “do overs”. Wouldn’t that be great?! One of those changes would be in our Mudroom…

So, long story short, there is no window in our mudroom. It is very dark in there without the light on and only one light switch on one side of the room. Who does that? Me apparently…


mudroom rs


Oh, gosh, it looks even worse in a picture. In addition, it was never finished to include any real storage or organization. It’s an awkward layout too, with the staircase that leads to our basement off to one side. There is a closet at the end of the hallway for the stuff we don’t use that often but we need to add more hooks for the coats we use more frequently and raise the hooks up for the kids now that they are getting bigger. I threw the cheap shoe cubbies in and the small bench to make due until now.
So we’ll put the window in, add some cool storage, new rugs and decor over the course of the next month or so. We have ordered the window which had to be just the right size so that we could still put the hooks high enough for longer coats to hang. We ended up choosing one that can open as well for when it gets a little well, shall we say, stuffy in there with all of the shoes.

So the window will go in in a few weeks once hubby has some time after he finishes the fireplace and in the mean time I will share some of the other little projects that will complete that space. The first is this cute metal arrow I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby. I really like the industrial, raw feel of it and it’s quirkiness.


arrow rs


Hubby thought it looked a little plain so I decided to stencil the word EXIT on it. I think it looks really cute next to the door. I like that it’s different and it will go really well with the rest of the industrial/rustic decor for the mudroom (hint).


arrow cropped


I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next phase of the mudroom project!!

Happy DIYing


Farmhouse Boy’s Bedroom

This farmhouse boy’s bedroom is the biggest transformation in our home! When I decided to re-do my son’s room I clearly needed a “jumping off” point or a place to start. I had planned on keeping the paint color the same as well as the furniture, but needed a direction to go in with all new bedding and accessories. Then I saw these quilts on line and fell in LOVE with them! They are so classic boy, they had great colors to work with and they are so reasonable!


Farmhouse Boys Bedroom using classic plaids with navy and red. Life on Kaydeross Creek


When my son was 3 he was obsessed with SpongeBob. I am not a fan of decorating a child’s room in anything to “theme-y” so I had picked up these inexpensive stickers thinking that the would be easy to remove when he got over it, which they were. The comforter was a gift and we kept it after we changed the room to use for sleepovers and it can always be used with a duvet cover.

Before… Yes, it’s sad, but it’s also so very temporary!


Seans room before


Sean's room before


Once I found my “inspiration piece”, this adorable plaid country quilt by Nautica, the rest was easy.  It’s perfect because it has a touch of the sage green in the walls along with navy and red.  I pulled the navy out and started by painting stripes on the walls for some visual interest. It was one of those things that I saw in my head long before I decided which colors to use.

I used a level and painters tape and it took some trial and error with the spacing but it was well worth it. I found that if I drew the line with the level and then put the tape on along the pencil line, it worked really well. To get it even around the windows, I simply measured down from the ceiling. Honestly some of it is just “eyeballing it” too. I did have to touch up with a tiny paint brush in some spots at the end.

This shelf below I had from my first apartment years ago. It has been several colors, most recently green in my daughters room. It cleaned up nicely and looks great in navy.
Fortunely, I had used these curtains in our old house in our living room and they were a perfect match. I have to admit I had forgotten about them in a box in the basement until I went looking for something else one day. What a nice surprise! You can find similar curtains here.


sean's room shelf rs


Some of the accessories, like the super cute red clock, I found at Hobby Lobby. You can get a similar one here. Many of the pieces I made myself but, unfortunately, I didn’t take before pictures of most of them. The bulletin board was originally just a plain one with a thin piece of wood trim around the edge. To make it more personal my husband used some leftover window trim from our house to make a frame and I stenciled on different size S’s. The picture frame, which was the inspiration for the travel theme, came from Hobby Lobby and the red bin on the bottom I picked up at the Salvation Army for $4. The cute lantern lamp is from Lowes but you can get a similar one here.


Sean's room dresser rs


I also made the N,S,W,E signs on the side wall. They are just pieces of old tongue and groove flooring that came out of my Father’s old shop. Great color and digs/marks from wear and tear. The stars I have had for years and painted them navy as well. You can get one here. The dresser is an antique and so is the chair.


Sean's room star directions


The travel theme continues with the cut out map and car fabric , both from Hobby Lobby, and the globe which my Mother-in-law gave us. The base was a weird gray blue color so I spray painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze. I framed some cute car and truck frabric in a $1 frame and used the rest to make the pillow on the chair. No sew here, I used fabric glue!

The red S was a brown paper mache piece that cost about $1.5 which I painted red and distressed with some antique ink. I also painted and stenciled the No. 2 bin and my husband and I made the shelf out of plumbing pipe and reclaimed lumber. I would love to do the closet like that someday.


Sean's room whole rs


So here is the result…I LOVE IT!! I like that it is a mix of old and new and I was able to create some of the decor myself.


How to create a Farmhouse Boy's Bedroom with DIY projects, old and new items. Classic Boy's Room - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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The nice part is it will grow with him as his tastes change. Someday we’ll take down the teddy bears and put up his sports stuff but for now he is still my little boy!

Happy DIY’ing!

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Girl’s Room – My Daughter’s Room Reveal

I’m so happy to be able to share my little girl’s room with you today! When we first moved into our house my daughter was just 3. Even at that age she wasn’t a “girly girl” and didn’t like pink at all.  So how do you create a not-so-girly girl’s room? I decided to go somewhat girly and paint it purple. I have to confess, too, that the quilt we bought when she was 4 months old had been kept in storage and I “remembered” it had purple in it. It actually did not but it worked anyway.


Daughter's Room Before


Eventually she said her favorite color was blue and I thought is was time for a change when she turned 9. I wanted something a little more grown up but still “little girl” enough. I had already painted all of the mismatched, hand-me-down furniture white to tie it all together. We had this bed from when we first got married and the desk (which was a wierd brown wood and in rough shape) I picked up at the Salvation Army for just $25. Once painted and with new clear pulls added, it works great.


Girls Room


The chair was one of my other thrift store finds. I picked up 4 for $40. I just painted it white too and changed out the fabric. I love how the different prints in the curtains, on the chair and quilt work so well to pull the yellow and blue together with just a touch of green. You can find similar curtains here.


Girls Room Decor



I scooped up these shelves at Hobby Lobby on sale for 75% off because they were damaged. I spackled where needed and painted them to match the furniture. Good as new! The “Dream” picture is just a frame I got at the Salvation Army (with the mat) for $2.50. I removed the glass to make room for the the wooden cut out of dream and the background is just scrapbook paper. The whole thing was about $5.
Here I used some $1 frames and a few more A’s I picked up at Hobby Lobby in a small collage.


Girls Room Collage


Update: I added a new night stand. You can see that project here.



Girls Room Reveal


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Girl's Room update - DIY projects and thrift store finds help update this little girl's room - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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There you go, an updated girl’s room with a few inexpensive, easy projects. Are you thinking about updating a specific room in your house? What type of DIY projects will you do?
Happy DIY’ing!


Dining Room Refresh – Part 1

It’s time for a Dining Room Refresh! Call it winter boredom setting in (not like I don’t have anything else to do), but I was looking around my dining room the other day and I thought this room needs a little somethin’. Nothing too big or expensive, just a quick update. Maybe I can use what I already have, switch some things around, or make something myself?


DR before rs


So after clearing everything but the table and chairs from the room, here is the before, I know, pretty boring right??…

Our house is surrounded by woods so when we built the house we knew we wanted lots of big windows to focus on the view. We also chose not to add curtains so I will leave the windows as is.

We had this table and chairs from the old house.  In order to stay within budget, and for this simple update, the table stays. Besides, it is still extremely sturdy and the perfect size for big family get-togethers.  I sold 6 of our old chairs on craigslist and bought these for exactly what I sold the old ones for so I broke even. 🙂

The chairs before were obviously pre-children. You wouldn’t believe the food that gets stuck in those seats!


Dining Room Chair


So to give the room a more updated look, we opted to change out the chairs and add black ones instead.  Are you ready for this? I got these farmhouse style chairs at Walmart! They have a slightly distressed look which I really like and they are rustic yet modern.


Updated Farmhouse Dining Room - New Rustic Dining Room Chairs - Life on Kaydeross Creek


We were on a crazy tight budget when we first moved in. Kevin found this light fixture on clearance at Home Depot for $22. What a bargain!!

Dining Room Light


To update it, we spray painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze (my favorite go-to color) which is almost black but not so severe. It goes really well with the chairs. This cost next to nothing as I already had the paint from another project. I LOVE spray paint!!

So here is the after….


DR light rs


I made the Farmers Market sign out of some old tongue and groove flooring my Dad took out of his shed. (I never throw anything away, especially wood or boards as you can always use it for some type of project – another post to follow on this :). It has an amazing, yummy patina and is perfectly scuffed and scraped after having been walked on and having paint spilled on it for so many years.


Farmers Market Sign


I did splurge a little bit for the tray on the table. You can find it at Antique Farm House and I absolutely LOVE it!! I love how it is worn and industrial and how it adds more character to the dining room.


Metal Tray


So this is it for now. Small changes but a big impact. I still need to paint my wash stands (not shown here, on opposite walls)  but haven’t decided on the color yet. I am leaning toward black. I am also thinking about something new so I’ll keep checking Craigslist for a new project. I’ll update you soon!


final dr better rs


Happy DIY’ing!

Master Bedroom Reveal

Hey everyone. I am super excited today is the day! Our Master Bedroom reveal! It only took 6 years to complete. 🙂


Master Bedroom


I truly believe that creating a room is like putting a puzzle together. It evolves over time as you find and add just the right pieces. This room has lots of old and new. The sleigh bed is something that we purchased about 12 years ago which you can see in the before picture.


Master Bedroom Before


We needed more storage so we picked up the pretty armoire on craigslist for $100. It matches the bed almost perfectly! We also snagged the dresser on craigslist for $100…

Master Bedroom Collage Wall



It is in beautiful shape! We just changed out the pulls to these really cool Irish Trinity symbol ones I got at Hobby Lobby for $2.50. (on sale, of course!)

Most of picture frames in the collage and in the room I picked up from thrift stores or garage sales here and there I buy them if they are a good deal and store them until they come in handy. Some where spray painted in Oil Rubbed Bronze but the others I kept the colors they were. I don’t usually like to mix gold and silver but the deer head caught my eye at Marshalls and just worked out with everything else I had. The 2 pieces of art were $1 and $6 at a garage sale.
I also picked up the lamp at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. I spray painted it one of my new favorite colors, Flat Chestnut, which comes out goldish. I used it on the frame just above it, too, to tie it together
The vanity was handed down to me from my grandmother. A few years ago I had it refinished and changed out the pulls. It fits perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the Master bedroom.


Master Bedroom Vanity


I picked 4 of these chairs up at thrift store for just $10 each. I was planning on painting them black and using them in the dining room but they were too short. One found a new home in my room, one in my daughters room and the others are still works in progress. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and some pretty fabric will do!


Master Bedroom Night Stand



The night stands were mismatched tables from different sales. We just painted them white to tie them together. (table project) Each was $40.


Master Bedroom Fire Place


My husband faced the fireplace and build the mantle. I wish we had taken pictures while he was doing it so I could show you. The sides are just flat MDF boards wrapped in trim, pretty simple but very pretty.

The mirror was a great find at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $35 and the books are thrift store finds for next to nothing. One of my favorite finds ever is the 3 candlesticks on the hearth. I found those at the salvation army, all 3 for $15!!



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I LOVE the way all of these pieces of this puzzle fit together for this master bedroom and it didn’t break the bank!
Happy DIY’ing!

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