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Cozy and Colorful Chairs for the Deck

It’s that time of year again when everything has come to life outside, the rain has finally subsided and we are preparing the garden and the grounds for summer. I especially love dressing up our back deck as we spend a lot of time out there while the kids are in the pool. One thing we needed more of out there was seating for when we have guests over. My solution? Adirondack chair hand-me-downs and garage sale finds.This is one of two chairs I picked up at a garage sale for $15 each. Gotta love the cup holder! 🙂


Adirondack Chair Before


They were solid rocking chairs and super comfortable. All they needed was a really (I mean REALLY) good sanding and a couple of coats of paint. I decided to paint them with a brush instead of using spraypaint mostly because of the cost. What was I thinking????? It was a tedious project with all of those spaces in between the slats. Yuck! It would have cost me a fortune in spray paint, though. I also had to give them a good coat of primer after I sanded them down.


Adirondack Chair Before Side


In addition to the garage sale finds, I also had a couple of adirondack chairs my Father-in-law had made us back in the day. They were a bit worse for wear and also needed a good sanding and a couple of coats of paint.

I originally kept picturing a burnt orange/dark red kind of color for cushions and thought about painting the chairs brown or cream but I couldn’t find any outdoor pillows that I liked. Then when I found these pillows, I knew I had my “jumping off point”and totally switched gears.




So I ended up pulling out the pretty aqua blue as a paint color for the four adirondack chairs I needed to paint and as luck would have it, I found these resin ones at Lowes which were practically the same color as the cushions!


plastic chairs
So after searching high and low for pillow and cushion and then going in a whole different direction, here is what we ended up with…


adirondack chair completed


I love the bright and cheerful colors! The funny part is that this is not what I would normally be drawn to as I usually stick to warmer colors ad neutrals. It must be something about the outdoors that just makes me happy! That and the fact that I with a little bit (or in this case a lot) of elbow grease, I can turn a couple of mis-matched, beat up chairs into a pretty little seating area that we can enjoy with family and friends!

Happy DIY’ing!

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