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Summertime Fireplace Decor

Having lived up in the North East my whole life, I know how cold and long the winters can be and how much a fire in the fireplace can make all the differece. With that in mind, when we designed our house we centered it around a large fire place in the great room and also put one in the kitchen. The warmth of a fire in the fireplace makes any room so cozy and, to me, the smell of the wood burning just smells like fall/winter and makes me want to curl up on the couch and read a good magazine or snuggle with the kiddos (when they’ll sit still).

Fast forward to 80 degree weather and air conditioning. Since there is no fire in the box it seems to me that it should be one more spot in the house that can be decorated and used to add some character to your home. This goes for a faux fire place as well. We don’t burn the one in the kitchen very often so I find myself decorating it a lot during the year.
So, what is a girl to do with this space? Here are a few things I found on Pinterest…


fire place window sash

So pretty from fireplacetile.net


fire place candles

Classic from betweennapsontheporch.com


fire place stacked

Super cue from theletteredcottage.com


fp with flowers in tin

Flowers in a simple tin – bhg.com

I love these from above!! They are so pretty and not too busy. I like to keep things simple and make it easy to change things out so here are a couple of things that I tried…


Candlestick Holders


Candlesticks are easy and look so pretty with the glow from the candles bouncing around. One way to magnify that is to put a mirror behind the candles. You can find out how I made these candlesticks here.
How about a chalkboard?


kitchen f-p rs


Or a lantern? You could also group a bunch of smaller lanterns together. Very pretty with the glass and candles glowing.




I also like the simplicity of flowers, one big arrangement or several little ones. You could also use the classic logs stacked on top of each other or a pretty screen but why not be creative and think outside the box. Pun intended 🙂

Happy DIYing!

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