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How to create the ultimate Hot Cocoa Bar - Adirondack Style - Life on Kaydeross Creek

Hot Cocoa Bar – Adirondack Style

This Hot Cocoa Bar has to be one of my favorite projects on Kaydeross Creek. It may be the winter that never was up here in the Northeast but that didn’t stop me. By this time in February, we usually have a couple of feet of snow on the ground not a couple of inches. I mean, come on, if it has to be cold, shouldn’t we at least get some snow to have to play in and enjoy, right?  I shouldn’t complain, I know. What we do have, though, is cold and what goes great with cold weather?? Hot cocoa of course!!  So we built an Adirondack Hot Cocoa Bar! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, see my disclosure here

I’m especially excited this year to have a special place to sip it!  A few months ago we built a lean to on the other side of the bridge where we could hang out with the family outside and enjoy a nice fire…


Adirondack style hot cocoa bar - Life on Kaydeross Creek


What better place to sit and enjoy some hot cocoa than around that fire! So Hubby built a bar for me out out there from tree branches and rough saw pine.


Lean to Bar


From there, we set it up with all of the things that make hot cocoa yummy. Marshmallows, peppermint, peanut butter chips and caramel to name a few.  We even have something for the grown ups. 🙂

For the fixins, I picked up these jars at Walmart for like $4 each.


The ultimate Hot Cocoa Bar fixins - Life on Kaydeross Creek


I made the labels for the jars from cereal box cardboard and scrapbook paper much like I made the Valentine’s Day banner.  I drew out a pattern in a shape that I wanted and then traced it out on the box…


Labels made from cereal boxes


Then I traced the same shape on the scrapbook paper and glued them on both the front and back of the cardboard…


labels before


I stenciled individual letters on white Avery labels and placed them on the snowflake tags. There you have it, cute little labels that cost pennies to make. I hole- punched it and added the twine to hang it around the jars. No time to make your own, you can get similar labels here.


Hot Cocoa Bar Accessories


I LOVE stencils! I made all of the signs that are hanging on the wall using stencils and old scrap wood we have from other projects. The wood on the Hot Cocoa sign is the same wood I used on the deer head mounted to the right and the Farmers Market sign in my dining room. It came from the floor in my Dad’s old shop. I love the aged color!


Hot Cocoa Bar Menu


If you’d like similar products to create your own Hot Cocoa Bar:


How to create the ultimate Hot Cocoa Bar - Adirondack Style



How to create the ultimate hot cocoa bar - Life on Kaydeross Creek



How to create the ultimate hot cocoa bar - Adirondack Style. With some simple projects and cute details



How to Create the Ultimate Hot Cocoa Bar - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The kids are so excited to hang out by the fire and make their cocoa and Mommy’s pretty psyched too! I can also see it as a Hot Cider bar in the Fall and Lemonade Bar in the summer. Maybe an adult beverage bar one day?? Lots of possibilities!

Is a hot cocoa bar on your to-do list this winter? Do you have a favorite place you like to hang out with family and friends?

Happy DIY’ing!







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