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Farmhouse Mudroom Organization - Life on Kaydeross Creek

Mudroom Organization – Farmhouse Style

I’m so excited to be finally share our completed Mudroom with you today! It’s been a long time coming for this mudroom organization project which we actually started in February. You can see the original build here but this is what it looked like when we started…YIKES.


Mudroom before renovation - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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No where to go but up, right? First things first, we needed more light so in goes the window. It was harder than we thought it would be but so worth it.


Adding much needed light to the mudroom with a new window - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Now for the organization. I wanted each of us to have our own space so we built cubbies.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek




For organizing our “stuff” I picked up some baskets to put on the shelves we planned on adding and crates to go on the bottom of the cubbies at Michaels. The baskets will, hopefully, make it easier to find hats/gloves etc. and the crates corral our shoes.  The crates were unfinished when I got them and I wanted them to be darker so I stained them with Minwax stain in Early American.


Mudroom organization using crates to corral shoes - Life on Laydeross Creek


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The bottom of each crate is a bit rough and I worried they may scratch the cubbie so I added self adhesive chair pads to the bottoms.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Mudroom Organization with cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Now that the organization part is done, it’s time for the fun part. What’s a farmhouse mudroom without a few farmhouse touches?


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


I picked up the empty window frame in someones garbage. I’m not above dumpster (or side of the road) diving. The poultry farm sign is not a sign at all but was a pleasant surprise when we pulled out the bottom of an old dresser to replace it. The dried hydrangeas are from my neighbors yard and the shoe form is just fun.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


I am SO in love with this egg crate basket. It’s definitely not something you see everyday. We picked it up at the Warrensburg Garage sale back in October and it goes so well in our home. The cutting board someone gave me at different garage sale. It was broken and dirty but cleaned up nice. The pitcher I got at Marshalls years ago but you can find a similar one here. You can never have too many white pitchers. 🙂


Farmhouse Mudroom Organization - Life on Kaydeross Creek


The stain on the crates matches the baskets and the wood flooring we used for the background.  The larger spaces underneath the shelves that the baskets sit on are perfect for big school backpacks.


Mudroom Organization with cubbies and farmhouse touches- Life on Kaydeross Creek


The chalkboard on the right I picked up at a garage sale and the little gray stool underneath it is a previous project you can see here.  The EXIT arrow is from Hobby Lobby and while it’s not part of the mudroom organization, it’s quirky and unique and i love the personality it adds to the space.  The paisley rug is from Target.


Farmhouse Mudroom Organization and Decor - Life on Kaydeross Creek


It’s hard to see the sign above the doorway on the left but you can see it better in this picture above. It’s actually the side of an old crate.


Farmhouse Mudroom - DIY Projects and Garage Sale Finds - Life on Kaydeross Creek

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I LOVE the way everything turned out! I think it will help us stay organized as long as I can get everyone to put their stuff where it goes. One can only hope.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and letting me share my final mudroom organization project!

Happy DIY’ing!


Mudroom - Life on Kaydeross Creek

Updated Mudroom – Part 2

Hey there! I can’t tell you how glad I am to be sharing this post with you today!! A long time comin’ is an understatement with this one for a couple of reasons. First, the mudroom has been the bane of my existence from the moment we moved in to this house because it was never really planned out. In a hurry to move in = mudroom not really on the top of the “list” and stuff just gets thrown in there.  Second because we actually started it like 11 months ago. Does that ever happen to you?? You know, good intentions, then life happens and…BAM, it’s almost a year later???

Anyhoo, here is the before. Sad, right?? I first introduced the space here.


mudroom rs


First things first, we needed more light in the mudroom so we added a window. This was no small task because the heating duct to our upstairs closet needed to be re-routed. Let’s just say a few “special” words were used during this phase of the project  🙂


Window outside


It was sooo worth it though, because it makes a huge difference.


Window Inside


Second, we needed more organized storage and we needed to just make better use of the space. We thought we could do this best by adding cubbies. That way everyone could have their own space.  We started by using MDF to build a bench.


New Mudroom - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Mudroom - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Someone gave us some pieces of tongue and groove flooring they had leftover from a project they had done so we used it for the top of the bench and inside the cubbies. It’s great because it has a coat of sealer on it so a wet coat won’t hurt it.




So far, so good.   🙂  I primed the MDF and then gave it a couple of coats of paint. The first color was way to bright green. I went with this greenish/gray but may change it to gray by the time we are done.

To make a space for hats, gloves etc we added shelves to the corner sections. Now to add the hooks for coats.


New Mudroom Cubbies - Life on Kaydeross Creek


Mudroom - Life on Kaydeross Creek


From this…

Mudroom Before - Life on Kaydeross Creek


To this…


Mudroom - Life on Kaydeross Creek


It turned out exactly like I had hoped and works really well for us! We each have our space and now the kiddos know where their stuff belongs and, more importantly, where to find it when they are looking for it.

So now it’s just finding paint for the walls, a new light fixture, rug and a couple more baskets.  Final reveal coming soon. Hopefully, it will not take almost an entire year to get it finally finished.

Do you have a project that you have been working on that seems to be taking forever?  Here’s to gettin’ it done!

Happy DIY’ing!





  • UPDATE: See the completed Mudroom Here.

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