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Terra Cotta Pot Challenge…

So I joined a cute facebook group called Decorating Enthusiasts -DIY Forum where they share great DIY ideas and before and after pictures of projects everyone has done. The idea is to inspire and share creative ideas.

They also do different challenges every month and this month the challange is it to do something creative with terra cotta pots. Here is what I did…


true pots resized


I had seen something similar on pinterest but I think they had used chalk paint to label their pots. I didn’t want to use chalk because I was afraid every time someone took a utensil their hand would rub against it and it would get wiped off eventually.

This was so easy and inexpensive. I picked up the pots at a thrift store for .50 each and then used what I had around the house left over from other projects for the rest (spray paint, some twine and cardstock). This is what they looked like when I started. ..


orig pots rs


I love spray paint. You can use it on pretty much everything and it comes in just about any color you would need. I didn’t even prep the pots other than to wipe them down so they were clean. I gave them a couple of coats of antique white but not complete coats as I wanted them to look a little warn.


being painted rs


I actually sanded them a little to rough them up and then I applied a little antique stain with a cotton rag jut to give it a little depth.


pots midway rs

While the pots were drying, I went on line and searched utensils and then images. Once I found the right style I was looking for, I had to shrink them down to the right size which took some trial and error. Once I got the pictures to the right sizes I printed them out on card stock. I hole punched the top and used the thin twine to attach it to the pot.


true pots resized


Super easy, super cheap, super cute. You could really do this with anything like pencils or art supplies in the craft room or smaller tools. What would you do with some extra terra cotta pots?

Happy DIY’ing!

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