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Organization – TV Armoire to Office Space

I LOVE craigslist. I check it once a week or so even if I don’t need anything just to see what’s out there. Earlier this year when we were re-doing the Master Bedroom, I found the most beautiful armoire for $100…


armoire outside


It totally matches the dresser in our master bedroom I also picked up on craigslist for $100. The plan was to add shelves and use it for storing linens in our room. Not sure what I was thinking when I planned this space out when we were building but there is no linen closet in our room or bathroom. Oh, what I would do differently now!

Anyway, so plans change, right? We have a house guest staying with us for a while and I have had to turn my office/craft room into a guest room. I moved most of my stuff I don’t use that frequently into the basement but the stuff I use all of the time I wanted to have where I could get to it easily. Hmmm, what to do? Turn my armoire into a craft cabinet/ office!
Here is the inside before…


armoire before inside rs


So I started by adding shelves. I made them out of birch plywood (about $30) which I stained to match the armoire. I had thought about painting the entire inside a cool blue color and/or doing something crazy like wallpapering the inside but no time for that and it will probably go back to linens at some point anyway.

The materials…


plywood and brackets


In order to add the shelves, we had to install these brackets to the inside. They are super cheap (about $7) and really easy to install. Once measured out they are just snipped with shears to the length you need. They simply screw into the wood.  The little clips that come with them are adjustable so you can put the shelves anywhere you’d like.




Once we (I mean hubby) cut the board into the 2 pieces needed for the shelves I stained them with stain left over from some other projects. I had to mix 2 different colors together to get the right color.


armoire shelf


After the shelves were installed I laid out what I had to organize. I had the 3 drawer organizers already from my craft room and some of the other plastic containters but I made new labels using Avery stickers. I picked up the little square cork board at my local thrift store for next to nothing and used sticky squares to attach them to inside of one of the doors. It’s a great place to put pictures of new projects I want to do or just inspiration.




armoire inside done


The printer fits perfectly and the nice part is that since it was meant for a TV, there was already a hole cut in the back for the cord.


armoire inside done whole rs


I love how it turned out! It was a simple, inexpensive project and really didn’t take that much time to do.  Organization – a place for everything and everything in it’s place! Once the craft room is mine again, I can move most of it downstairs as is. Do you have favorite storage solution?

Happy DIY’ing!

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